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Clarinet Microphone – The 16 best products compared

Comparison winner of the editors UKINGMEI Wireless Instrumental Microphone System Musical Instrument Condenser Microphone Stage Performance (for Clarinet)

Clarinet Microphone – The 16 best products compared

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Clarinet Microphone – the most important at a glance

Clarinet microphones are designed to amplify the sound of the clarinet and make it easier to hear in a live performance setting. There are several different types of clarinet microphones available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The most common type of clarinet microphone is the clipon mic, which attaches to the bell of the clarinet. Clipon mics are relatively easy to use and provide good sound quality. However, they can be intrusive and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Another popular type of clarinet microphone is the headmounted mic. These microphones are attached to a headset or goggles that the performer wears. Headmounted mics are less intrusive than clipon mics, but they can be more difficult to use and may not provide as good of sound quality.

There are also wireless clarinet microphones available. Wireless microphones are the most convenient to use, as there are no cords to worry about. However, they require batteries and can be more expensive than other types of microphones.

When choosing a clarinet microphone, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you need a microphone for occasional use, a cheaper option like a clipon mic may be sufficient. However, if you need a microphone for regular use, you may want to invest in a more expensive option like a wireless mic.

Bestsellers in “Clarinet Microphone”

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Bestseller No. 2
MAMKOES ST-5 Sax Microphone Wireless Instrument UHF Mic Receiver & Transmitter System for Saxophone French Horn Trumpet Trumbone
40 Reviews
MAMKOES ST-5 Sax Microphone Wireless Instrument UHF Mic Receiver & Transmitter System for Saxophone French Horn Trumpet Trumbone
  • Clear sound quality --- The condenser microphone core, so that the sound reproduction of the instrument can reach 99%, and the microphone has a shock-absorbing spring, which effectively reduce 98% key tone of the sax.Stable signal transmission --- The signal transmission distance is 164ft (50m).
  • Easy to use --- Clamp the microphone directly on the mouth of the saxophone, plug the receiver into the MIC interface of the speaker, and then turn it on and use it . A total of 16 UHF channels can be selected, and 3-4 sets of microphone systems can be used at the same time without signal interference.
  • High-capacity lithium battery --- One divides into two charging cable to charge the receiver and transmitter at the same time, greatly reducing the charging time.The transmitter and receiver has built-in 750mAh battery, which can be recharged 2000 times, and can be used for 6 hours after 2 hours of charging.
  • Widely Used --- This sax wireless microphone can be used in solo performance, accompaniment performance, personal entertainment, group performance. 6.35mm interface (Also added a 6.35 to 3.5mm interface) can be used to a variety of equipment, loudspeakers, computer audio, drawbar speakers, mixers, and so on.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee:We are so confident that you will love ST-5.If you are not satisfaction with ST-5,we support 30-day money-back.It has a 2 years warranty,If it stop working within 2 years,we help you troubleshoot.
Bestseller No. 3
Shure PGA98H Condenser Microphone - with Cardioid Pick-up Pattern,Condenser Gooseneck Instrument Microphone with 15' XLR-XLR Cable (PGA98H-XLR)
  • Tailored microphone cartridge design for clear reproduction of wind instrument sound sources
  • Flexible gooseneck design makes accurate positioning quick and easy
  • Integrated horn clamp for quick and easy mounting
  • In-line preamplifier provides phantom power and a direct XLR connection
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise
Bestseller No. 4
HEIMU Clip On Instrument Condenser Microphone + Universal Clip (for Clarinet)
  • Flexible and easy one-hand mounting
  • Gentle yet secure adhesion to instrument
  • Compact, discreet size
  • Detachable cable and versatile gooseneck extender
  • Flexible adapter system cooperate with mixer
Bestseller No. 5
POGOLAB UHF Wireless Saxophone System, Rechargeable Sax Microphone Pickup System 164 Feet Transmission, Clip-On Transmitter with Treble/Bass/Middle Adjustment, for Sax Trumpet Brass
  • 🎷UHF STABLE TRANSMISSION --- POGOLAB wireless saxophone system is based on UHF technology, stable transmission up to 164 feet (50m) in open areas, clear sound with almost no delay. In addition, 4 signal channels can be easily switched. Even in big gigs, you can play the saxophone continuously without interference from WIFI (or other signals).
  • 🎷CLIP-ON TRANSMITTER --- Transmitter has a built-in upgraded high-sensitivity condenser microphone, which can easily capture clearer and more realistic voices, and at the same time automatically seal the ambient noise to obtain a more perfect recording. In addition, the transmitter clip has a rubber pad, which can be firmly fixed on the sax without damaging the sax, and it is also very easy to remove.
  • 🎷PLAY MUSIC ACCOMPANIMENT --- You can use Bluetooth connection or plug the audio cable to play background music, the fusion of saxophone and accompaniment music makes your performance richer and more attractive.
  • 🎷5 HOURS BATTERY LIFE --- Built-in rechargeable battery, it can work for about 5 hours after fully charged, suitable for several rehearsals or performances. A dual usb cable is included to charge the transmitter and receiver at the same time. There's an indicator light to let you know when the battery is running low.
  • 🎷EXCLUSIVE FOR SAXOPHON --- Designed for saxophones and brass instruments such as euphonium, baritone, French horn, and cornet. The receiver has a 6.35mm plug, which can be connected to speakers and amplifiers. Plus, it comes with a storage bag for easy storage and portability.
Bestseller No. 6
SGPRO Wireless Saxophone Microphone System, Clip-On Instrument Microphone for Sax and Trumpet, Preset EQ & Echo Level 196 Ft Transmission Rechargeable Compact Transmitter and Receiver 4.5 Hours
  • MULTIPLE TYPES OF BRASS: This wireless instrument microphone set is suitable for various types of horns, such as soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, as well as trumpet, french horn, Tuba, and Trombone.
  • ENJOY INTERACTION WITH AUDIENCE: The wireless sax microphone uses a digital chip circuit design to enhance stable signal transmission distance up to 196 ft (60 meters). You are going to focus and enjoy the freedom of performance and the interaction with your audience.
  • NO DAMAGE ON YOUR GEAR: The specially designed sax mic clip with virgin rubber padding is firm and steady without leaving damage to your saxophones like those screw-on clips.
  • EASY AND HANDY: The saxophone mic system comes with basic ECHO and EQ levels, 20 preset UHF channels (863-865 MHz), and LCD Indicators with crucial information such as Volume, RF/AF Signal, Channel, Echo, Sensitivity, Battery Life, etc.
  • NO FUSTRATION ADJUSTING ANGLE: The gooseneck is well designed and made of first-class bronze material. It's steady and easy to adjust without the annoying rebound.
  • HIGH EFFICIENT BATTERIES: The rechargeable transmitter and receiver are up to 4.5 hours stamina when fully charged. With the included charger, you are able to charge both at the same time. A sax mic and trumpet microphone that offers secure stamina for your performance.
  • COMPACT & LIGHT: The wireless saxophone microphone set is small and light. It comes with a travel case that makes it easy and secure to travel with.
  • NOTE ON CHARGING: The TR-15 uses USB Type-C to charge. A Type-C charge cable is included so you may use it with regular mobile phone charging adaptor. No adaptor is included in the package.
  • NOTE ON GOOSENECK MIC & TRANSMITTER: With the upgraded and latest version of TR-15, the gooseneck mic & the transmitter are fixed. Due to the launching time difference in regions, you may receiver the older version with detachable gooseneck mic and a gift mini mic.
Bestseller No. 7
HEIMU Clarinet Clip (for Clarinet)
21 Reviews
HEIMU Clarinet Clip (for Clarinet)
  • Instrument Microphone Stand Mount Clip for Clarinet
  • Mic placement is important to getting the best sound
  • The Mount has no impact on acoustic sound
  • The mounts unobtrusively and gently to your precious axe, serving up stunning sound quality worthy of highly respected studio mics.
  • Far better sounding (and a lot less hassle) than mounting a pickup!
Bestseller No. 8
Corsaro Music CYN Clarinet Microphone Special Plus Series (Black)
2 Reviews
Corsaro Music CYN Clarinet Microphone Special Plus Series (Black)
  • Used by famous clarinet players such as Husnu Senlendirici among others
  • Made in Turkey
  • Available in two different colors: black and red.
  • Equalizer and Volume Control
  • Comes with a 3 meter (around 10 feet) instrument cable with a standard jack.
Bestseller No. 9
Myers Pickups B Flat Soprano Clarinet Microphone The Feather Plus with 2 10-inch Flexible Micro-Goosenecks
  • Myers Pickups introduces their NEW lightweight powerhouse. So light that we named it The Feather Plus 10. So compact that it can be positioned on a multitude of instruments without modification or permanent installation and still faithfully amplifies the natural tone and beauty of your instrument!
  • Fully equipped with an internally powered, active preamp to produce the richest sound your instrument can deliver! Power-source (included) is pre-installed and each pickup is meticulously tested before delivery. No phantom power needed! Compatible with most wireless systems!
  • Complete out of the box, plug in and play! All mounitng hardware included. Instantly turn your instrument into an acoustic/electric instrument with VOLUME! Compatible with almost any musical instrument! Made in the USA.
  • (Instrument NOT Included)
Bestseller No. 10
Korg CM-300 Clip On Contact Microphone (Black)
  • SOUND: For tuning instruments in loud ensembles
  • STABLE MATERIAL: Internal rubber grip
  • TRANSMISSION: Enhanced sound transmission and directly captures instruments vibrations
  • INSTRUMENT: The Korg USA CM-300 can be applied to your trumpet, trombone, saxophone, violin, guitar, ukulele and more
  • MEASUREMENTS: Clip opens to maximum 1.2-inch and 1/4-inch TS Plug for Connection to Tuner

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