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Are you looking for the right DJ equipment? Or do you just want to have a great sound for your home? Then we can help you.

We are the editors of djgblogger.com. Our authors are DJs and event technicians among others and present you their product recommendations.

Joseph Oleary

Jospeh has been DJing at events for several years. Already in his school days he took care of the music at his friends’ parties.

The best possible sound is especially important to him. For him, music from speakers, loudspeakers or headphones must be reproduced optimally. Find out more about his product recommendations in his guidebooks.

Charlotte Harbison

For Charlotte, the interplay of music and light plays a role in DJing. She wants to make every session an experience for the audience.

Therefore, she coordinates music and light effects especially with each other to achieve a special harmony.

Tyler Ouellette

Tyler is a technician responsible for ensuring optimal equipment and smooth operations for event technology.

Therefore, he knows a lot about different equipment and shares his product recommendations with you.

Danny Callahan

Danny is not professionally in the event and DJ business. He lives out his love of music in his spare time.

His main occupation is journalist. Researching and writing out stories based on his research is his job. He uses these skills to provide you with product advice on various topics.