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The editorial team of DJG Blogger consists of authors whose greatest passion is music and sound.

Our authors are DJs and musicians among others and present you their product recommendations. They also give you exciting recommendations when you are looking for the right products.

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Our Authors

Gracie Hussain

Music expert

Gracie is our music history buff. When she’s not writing about music, she enjoys attending live concerts. Her expertise in music trends and genres shines through in her blog posts.

Nicholas Clarke

Music expert

Nicholas, our guitar-strumming writer, explores music theory and compositions in his spare time. He shares his passion for melodies and rhythms through insightful articles on our blog.

Kai Leonard

Equipment expert

Kai, our equipment guru, enjoys testing and reviewing the latest audio gear to help musicians make informed choices. He’s a music tech enthusiast who’s always on the hunt for innovative sound solutions.

Alexandra Steele

Equipment expert

Alexandra, both a singer and a writer, brings her personal experiences in the music industry to our magazine. She shares valuable insights for aspiring musicians, drawing from her own journey.

Gabriel Naylor

Expert for the music industry

Gabriel, a successful musician himself, guides aspiring artists on their path to musical success. He’s dedicated to helping musicians make a living doing what they love.

Tegan Horton

Expert for the music industry

Tegan loves mentoring and giving advice to emerging artists. Her articles provide practical tips for musicians seeking financial success in the industry.

Natasha Conway

Product expert

Natasha is a music teacher and recommends the best instruments as well as accessories. Her passion for teaching and music shines through in her product selection guidance.

Jacob Bennett

Product expert

Jacob has a background in sound engineering and loves exploring the best music products. He’s your go-to guy for enhancing your musical experiences with quality gear.

These are the 3 formats of our work

Magazine articles

Insightful blog articles on a wide range of topics
Extensive research on the respective topic by our editorial team
Clear presentation of the content for our readers

Product tests

Intensive testing of a specific product by our editorial team
Evaluation of the product in terms of quality, workmanship and user-friendliness
Preparation of test results in descriptive product tests

Product guide

Research on requirements for a specific product group
Selection of suitable Amazon products according to certain selection criteria
Preparation of research results in product guides

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