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Miking Cajon – The 16 best products compared

Miking Cajon – The 16 best products compared

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Miking Cajon – the most important at a glance

The cajon is a boxshaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by sitting on the box and striking the front face with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various small handheld percussion implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. Today, the cajon is widespread in use in a variety of music styles, including Flamenco, AfroPeruvian, American folk, country, gospel, rock, and pop.

There are many different types and sizes of cajons on the market, but they all typically have a few things in common: a rectangular box shape, a front face that is meant to be struck, and a series of strings or wires (called “snares”) stretched across the inside of the back panel that rattle when the front face is hit. Some cajons also have one or more sound holes cut into the front face, which changes the tone of the instrument.

When it comes to miking a cajon, there are a few different approaches that can be taken, depending on the size and type of cajon and the desired sound. For a basic, unamplified sound, a single mic placed in front of the cajon, aimed at the center of the front face, will suffice. This will capture the full range of the cajon’s sound, from the low bass notes produced by striking the center of the front face to the higherpitched notes produced by striking the edges.

For a larger, amplified sound, multiple mics can be used. One mic can be placed in front of the cajon, as described above, while additional mics can be placed inside the cajon, pointing towards the back panel. This will capture the sound of the cajon being struck as well as the sound of the snares rattling. For even more control, multiple mics can be placed around the cajon, each capturing a different range of frequencies.

No matter which approach is taken, it’s important to experiment with different mic placements and positions to find the sound that is desired. There is no one “right” way to mic a cajon, so feel free to experiment until the perfect sound is achieved.

Bestsellers in “Miking Cajon”

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Bestseller No. 1
Pyle String Cajon - Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings, Full Size
2,277 Reviews
Pyle String Cajon - Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings, Full Size
  • PERFECT HANDCRAFT : Introducing Pyle string Jam Cajon, a perfect musical instrument that brings more life into your music An amazing hand crafted wooden panel box frame built in classic /traditional instrument style
  • ADJUSTABLE GUITAR STRINGS : Pyle string Jam Cajon is exquisitely engineered to allow musicians to totally express themselves, it features internal Adjustable guitar strings which provides a smooth rhythmic sound production for a better musical experience Strings can be tuned from the bottom of the cajon (hex key included inside)
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT : Comes in a compact size (LxWxH) : 12.0" x12.0" x18.0" and weighs only 10.9 pounds Very light and easy to carry about unlike other heavy and bulky brands of stringed Jam Cajon
  • No age restrictions: this product is designed for everyone, irrespective of the age. It's completely safe for all including children
Bestseller No. 2
Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon - Wooden Cajon Percussion Box. (PCJD15)
470 Reviews
Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon - Wooden Cajon Percussion Box. (PCJD15)
  • Compact and Lightweight: Pyle Stringed Jam Cajon is a super compact hand-crafted wooden panel box frame. Designed to be easily carried to musical circles, Jam sessions, and so on. An ideal instrument for singers /song writers for trying out new beats.
  • Rhythmic Sound Production: This perfectly engineered stringed jam Cajon features internal guitar strings, these strings are there to deliver pleasant rhythmic sound production for great listening pleasure of the audience.
  • Anti-Vibration Interference: Pyle wooden Cajon percussion box features a rubber- capped feet in order to prevent any possibility of vibration interference and encourage original crystal clear acoustic sound production.
  • Musical Fun for All Ages: Fun packed musical instrument for all your age groups for various musical circles and jam sessions as well as for supporting acoustic bands.
Bestseller No. 3
Meinl Percussion Jam Cajon Box Drum with Snare and Bass Tone for Acoustic Music — Made in Europe — Baltic Birch Wood, Play with Your Hands, 2-Year Warranty (JC50LBNT)
2,257 Reviews
Meinl Percussion Jam Cajon Box Drum with Snare and Bass Tone for Acoustic Music — Made in Europe — Baltic Birch Wood, Play with Your Hands, 2-Year Warranty (JC50LBNT)
  • LEARN TO PLAY IN MINUTES: just sit down on it and tap with your hands to explore bass and snare drum sounds; this cajon (box drum) is a perfect instrument for getting the confidence to play percussion with no experience
  • WHY IT MATTERS: a lot of fun musical adventures don't require time-consuming practice on a drum set; with the Meinl Jam Cajon, you can play acoustic shows with bands, jam with friends or family, teach students about rhythm, or liven up your worship music
  • BE SMART: we craft this cajon in Europe from 100% Baltic birch wood, which also used in high-end drum sets for players serious about sound; made with NO cheap, glued-on, plasticky laminates that only look like wood
  • HOW IT WORKS: the Baltic birch playing surface delivers punchy bass tone with about as much volume as an acoustic guitar, and inside the cajon are two sets of fixed coiled steel snare wires that give you a crisp sound (everything comes fully assembled)
  • BY THE NUMBERS: it measures 10 1/4" W x 15" H x 10 1/4" D and weighs 6lbs; its compact size is easily portable without shortchanging sound quality, and it's made to last with a solid frame that supports adults and children
  • ZOOM IN: a 4" port is cut into the back of the cajon for air to escape as you play, producing a richer tone; it also lets your beats project more and is a great microphone spot if needed
  • THE BOTTOM LINE: you can play it anywhere from acoustic shows to outdoor jams to a dorm room; four solid silicone feet on the bottom keep the cajon stable, avoid scratches, and eliminate crazy vibrations on any surface
  • THE BIG PICTURE: Meinl is a family-owned musical instrument manufacturer and brand established 1951 in Germany; our expert German designers have deep relationships with our builders to ensure you're delivered the absolute finest quality
Bestseller No. 4
POGOLAB Two-tone Cajon, Portable Travel Wooden Drum with Adjustable Strap, Easy to Carry, Unique Appearance, Beautiful Percussion Instrument (Natural Brown)
  • 🥁TWO DIFFERENT TONES --- Two different percussion surfaces: pat the "leaf" surface, the timbre is deep and deep, very pleasant. Hitting the "root" side, it has a snare wire inside, so it's clear and loud for a unique sound. It's great for acoustic performances and improvisation.
  • 🥁WEARABLE WOODEN DRUM --- This wooden drum is equipped with 2 strap buckles on the side, and we also provide a strap with adjustable length. As long as you attach the strap, you can carry it around to play at any time. It is light and portable, very suitable for outdoor performances such as travel and camping.
  • 🥁EASY TO PLAY AND LEARN --- Whether you are a beginner or a professional percussionist, you can easily master this two-tone drum. You can explore the sound of explore bass and snare drum just by hitting the corresponding striking surface with your hands, and you can strike a wonderful sound without experience.
  • 🥁ELEGANT APPEARANCE --- PGOLAB cajon drum has a smooth surface without burrs, you can use it safely for a long time. Plus, with its unique hexagonal exterior design and brown wood texture, it looks pretty good and is a beautiful decoration when not in use.
  • 🥁WIDE COMPATIBILITY --- Whether you are at home, traveling, party, picnic, band practice, street performance, etc. This cajon drum will light up your mood and let you enjoy the music.
Bestseller No. 5
Joy 101 Pad Series Cajon with veined Ebony Tapping & Birch Wood Body, Mini (JOY101)
92 Reviews
Joy 101 Pad Series Cajon with veined Ebony Tapping & Birch Wood Body, Mini (JOY101)
  • TRAVEL STYLE CAJON: Made with Birch body and Veined Ebony body, our JOY 101 Pad CAJON is a special design for casal playing.
  • CASUAL PLAYING:You can tap the PAD tapping or back or use brush to play the pad cajon,which can make out different sound effects.
  • ANTI SLIP,NON easy deformation bearing High sound effects and good corrosion resistance.
  • COMPACT SIZE FREELY FOR CARRYING: Comes in size 9.3" x1.8" x11.4" and weighs only 1.9lbs. Easy to carry around.
Bestseller No. 6
Meinl Percussion Cajon Mallet with Aluminum Handle-NOT Made in China-Creates Shaker Effect (MCM4)
  • Integrated shaker effect in handle
  • Extra thick large foam rubber Head
  • Lightweight Aluminum handle
  • Draws a rich sound from your Cajon with just the right amount of low end punch
  • Made in Germany
Bestseller No. 7
Compact Jam Cajon Box Drum Bag — Small Size — Heavy-Duty Fabric and Carrying Grip
  • Compact size for Meinl Jam cajons — this compact cajon bag is designed specifically to fit the smaller size of Meinl Jam Cajons (cajons measuring 10.25" wide x 15" tall x 10.25" deep) — a perfect fit for the JC50LBNT Baltic birch Jam Cajon with snares
  • Heavy-duty fabric — the exterior 600 denier synthetic fabric is extraordinarily durable for the heaviest of road use — designed for water, stain and abrasion resistance with a good degree of thickness and a PVC backing to give the bag additional structure
  • Smooth interior — inside the bag is a lighter PVC lining that delivers excellent protection while being durable for heavy use — PVC is used to give the bag more body and structure
  • Reinforced carrying handle — a handle made of super heavy PP webbing is cross-stitched onto this bag for a solid grip — this thick handle is low stretch and made for heavy loads so you don't have to worry about it fraying or ripping over time
  • Double pull zipper — we use a double pull zipper for this bag that features two large metal pull handles that are very easy to grip — this zipper has a highly durable webbed nylon lining to ensure long-lasting use
Bestseller No. 8
Meinl Percussion Mini Cajon Shaker Set Made in Europe-Baltic Birch Body, 2-Year Warranty, 3 Piece Mixed (SH50-SET)
  • This three piece set of cajon shakers delivers three different sounds from soft to loud
  • Each cajon shaker measures 2" x 2" x 2.5"
  • Miniature size of a MEINL cajon
  • Baltic Birch body with three different finishes: Exotic Zebrano, Bubinga, and Baltic Birch
  • Goes great with a cajon!
Bestseller No. 9
Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon Percussion Box
378 Reviews
Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon Percussion Box
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 10" x 15". Each Cajon is hand painted & stained, making every cajon unique!
  • Adjustable 6 string internal snare wire system . Adjustable top front plate corners allow you to alter the distance between the playing surface and the cajon body, resulting in a varied amount of slap sound when playing on corner hits
  • Play towards the center of the front plate for deep and punchy bass notes, and toward the top center/corners for snare slap
  • Durable rubber base feet
  • Child Size Cajon

Our Winner:

Winner in comparison
Travel Cajon, Box Drum, Percussion Instrument, Zebra Wood, Inside the compact string, Portable Cajon With Adjustable Strings Carrying Bag
  • [COMPACT SIZE]: Measuring at L/11.4” x W/9.3'' x H/1.8”, the cajon drum is perfect for those on-the-go, giving you the freedom to play wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Designed for music enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, this compact instrument is incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a little rhythm to their life.
  • [HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL]: Experience superior quality with this hand-crafted birch wood cajon drum, capable of supporting up to 350 pounds, ensuring comfortable playability for everyone.
  • [Anti-Vibration Interference]: Experience stunning crystal clear acoustic sound with our cajon drum percussion box designed with rubber-capped feet, preventing interference of any kind.
  • [CREATE YOUR RHYTHM]: Experience the ultimate in rhythm with this expertly crafted cajon drum, complete with internal guitar strings for a unique sound that will captivate your listeners.
  • [Cajon Bag]: Easily transport your full size cajon drum to musical events, jam sessions, and shows with this comfortable Cajon backpack featuring padded shoulder straps.

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